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2021 Trinidad Bay, CA.  Sailing  $120/Hr ( 2 hr minimum) PLUS $10 Per person Trinidad harbor Charge.  July 17th- Sept 30th 2021

First Class Sailing in Trinidad and Humboldt Bay CA.
Call and lets set up time you'd like to go sailing/sightseeing.  We are typically available M,W,F, and Saturdays and Sundays as well 10am -6pm so long as the winds blowing. If you want to sail into evening or for sunset sails please contact us and we will see whats possible. Trinidad is a natural and beautiful harbor and we will sail depending on condtions towards Patricks Point (N) or Camel Rocks/Little River (S). The scenery is dramatic with abundant wildlife. Sailing conditions are excellent typically we have fair winds from NW 10-20 knots with 2'-6' seas as well. Therre are many jutting seastacks to sail around and shear cliffs to view. We have room to comfortably and safely have 4 guest in the cockpit plus crew. If the cockpit is not full (4 passengers)  We reserve the right to allow standby passengers from the dock to come aboard if approved by the original charterer and we will reimburse the original charterer(s) equatibly.  If you have more than four in your party please let us know and we can discuss if conditions will allow additional passengers to be below decks. All will be invited to steer the boat and help to trim the sails.  Birds abound and sea lions and/or seals are usually seen anytime we go out. Note of caution: this is open water sailing and those who experience mal de mer should consider utilizing a patch or other medication to prevent motion sickness.           
At First Class Sailing Humboldt, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Please send an email or call and leave a message and we'll respond as soon as we get it.  

We provide a variety of services including:
2021 Humboldt Bay Sailing $100/Hr 2 hr minimum.   (Jan. 1 - July 15th and Sept 16th- November 15th 2021
Sailing in the Humboldt Bay is fun and has good wind condtions.  Easy/convenient boarding from our slip on G dock at the Woodley Island Marina in Eureka.  Extended outings are possible  to the ocean but are typically a minimum of 3 hrs round trip and dependant on tide and wind.    Wildlife viewing is good in the bay. Seals are usually seen anytime we go out.     
B and B on the Boat $200 per night  (no minimum) with a 1.5  hour In-Bay Sail for our B and B guests. 
Seasonally, we offer our boat to singles or couples (sorry no kids allowed overnight) for sleep overs.  Its self contained but it has a head instead of a bathroom and many would consider it more like camping.  There is also a bathroom available at the marina 24/7 but its not a hotel, this is a fishermans marina.  There are showers available and laundry of course.  
Obsession is a quiet, quaint and cozy place to sit and read while you watch the birds and seals.  You can walk/row to town and have something to eat in downtown, or just go up to the Marina's restaurant and have breakfast lunch or Dinner and they also have a nice bar.   Wi-Fi available.